Agate bioservices presentation

Agate is a research organization providing services in molecular biology, protein engineering, eukaryotic cell culture, virology and gene expression and transduction. Our clients belong either to Bio-Pharma and Biotechnology companies or to the academic research sector and universities.

With a strong background in the Baculovirus/insect cell technology, Agate bioservices develops innovative tools, vectors and procedures. These are exploited to deliver high-quality services, along with optimized turnaround and costs.

We are registered as a research services-provider by the French government in the framework of the CIR plan.

The company's strategy focuses on the establishement of a reliable, lasting business relationship with its clients needing to outsource parts of their research. We develop a reactive and personalized communication with our partners, and always have in mind that trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose !!

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