Vertebrate and mammalian cell culture

Implementation of new cell lines in any lab is often time-consuming and requires qualified resources. This is also true when in-house frozen cells have to be occasionally thawed for some test or screening. Such initial steps are not necessarily of strategic importance, so you might be interested in outsourcing them.

Agate bioservices can perform all the initial preparation work, testing, adaptation and quality controls on your cell lines to let you fully focus on your main objectives.

Service examples :

  • Freezing or thawing of cell lines
  • Starting cultures from commercially-available cell lines
  • Cell adaptation to the desired media and culture conditions
  • Preliminary transfection testings and cell cloning
  • Vector development for the creation of cell models
  • Management of quality control testings

Our objective for each service is to provide you with solutions and associated technical data which are ready to implement in your own lab.