Molecular biology services

Take advantage of flexible services in the field of RNA and DNA nucleic-acids. We are willing to adapt our services and methods to meet your expectations whatever your needs are, from simple plasmid preparation to a complete service including gene-synthesis, vectors construction for recombinant protein production or cell model design for screening purposes.

If you have to resort to RNA, our services cover several steps including total and polyA RNA purification, RNase protection assay, riboprobe synthesis and cDNA generation. For RNA handling, well-tried procedures are used to prevent ribonuclease degradation.

For your genes and cDNAs, our offer covers all the steps from synthesis to expression :

  • Sequence design and chemical synthesis depending on your application : fusion with optimal signal peptides, deletion of specific domains, Tags and markers for protein purification ... etc
  • Cloning in the desired vector and control
  • Construction and modification of large artificial chromosomes (BACs, YACs ...)
  • Preparation and purification of plasmids and BACs for transient transfection, recombinant baculovirus constructions, generation of stable cell-lines ... etc

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