Recombinant baculovirus generation

Two different services are offered for recombinant baculovirus construction :

  • A rapid service aiming to test whether a given gene, or a large series of genes, can be correctly expressed in the Baculovirus-insect cell system. This is of particular interest when it comes to study new genes or those belonging to categories known for being difficult to express. Within only a few days, we will deliver a collection of cell extracts ready to analyse (protein detection). This service is rapid, economical and reliable.
  • A standard construction service including the isolation of pure and fully characterized viral recombinant clones. This service is suitable for the generation of viral stocks for large scale production of proteins, where specific parameters have to be monitored.

Earlier to viral recombinants generation, the genes of interest have to be cloned in the desired plasmid vector. This step might be carried-out either in your own laboratory using one of our vectors, or by ourselves in the framework of a Molecular biology service.

We provide a series of plasmid vectors for gene cloning, including with various promoters (insect & mammalian), and for recombination at different locations in the baculovirus backbone.

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