Viral amplification

For optimal protein-production in insect cells, a viral amplification to generate homogeneous high-titer stock in the right medium is a key step.

Depending on the origin and history of the recombinant virus, we will perform the necessary work to meet the requirements for an efficient production.
Examples :

  • Viral re-cloning and quality control
  • Amplification to the desired volume, from a few mls to tens of liters
  • Titer determination and sterility contrôl
  • For viruses dedicated to the transduction of mammalian or other animal cells, virus concentration and/or re-suspension in specific solutions or media can also be performed to provide you with controled and ready to use viral suspensions.

Viral amplification is an excellent occasion to prepare samples for long-term storage of your favorite recombinant clones. We offer a well-tried procedure to ensure a simple and safe storage.