Insect cell culture

Insect cells have been for a long time one of the systems of choice to produce mammalian-like individual proteins, or complex multimeric ones, for research and diagnostic purposes.

During the last decade, their use for biomanufacturing has emerged as a powerful platform, especially for the production of vaccines, either veterenary or human. Some of these are already on the market and many other products are today in advanced clinical trials.

In case you need to evaluate these cells for your own project, we offer our know-how and expertise to help in that :

  • Development and optimization of expression vectors
  • Screening of different insect cell-types with regard to the envisaged application
  • Testing and adaptation to various culture media and additives
  • Production testing with baculovirus, transient transfection or stable gene expression testing
  • Growth parameters evaluation and cell-density

... etc.